6435 & 6437 Cedonia Ave. Baltimore, MD 21206


Begins:Sat May 30 @ 10:00AM EDT

Ends: Mon Jun 1 @ 12:00PM EDT

Begins 05/30 @ 10:00 am. Ends 06/01 @ 12:00 pm.
Rental Income | $2,550/mo | 4 Units | House & Land

Spacious, 2 story Colonial & Large Adjacent Lot (50x171).
The ease of City living with a Suburban feel! 
According to the City, an additional piece of the back
of the property could be sectioned off into parking or storage
Property is set up as 4, very well maintained rooming units
with long term tenants.

Located in The Rosemont East Area. 
In Close Proximity to Several Attractions including:
Burdick Park, Overlea Plaza, as well as The many shops,
restaurants & small businesses located on Belair Rd.
Easy Access to Major Traffic Artery, MD Route I (Belair Rd.)

House is 2,381 Sqft, on a large 8,600 Sqft lot.
Adjacent Lot 8,546 Sqft.
Total Combined Land area of 17,146 sqft.
(Nearly ½ an Acre!)

Property is Rented for a total of $2,550/ mo.
Scheduled Annual Rental Income of $30,600. 
See Below for a Unit by Unit Breakdown

6437 Cedonia Ave. Baltimore, MD 21206 Tax ID # 27-04-27-5656-009A

Believed to be set up as 4 Rooming Units:

1st Floor:

Unit/ Room I : Rented @ $675/mo
- Tenant of 12 years
-  Large 2 Bedroom Unit
- 1 Full Bathroom
- Kitchen
- Den
- Attic Access
- Separate Entrance


Unit/ Room II: Rented @ $450/mo
- Tenant of 37 years
- 1 Bedroom
- 1 Full Bathroom
- Kitchen
- Den
-separate entrance

2nd Floor:

Unit/ Room III: Rented @ $750/mo
- Tenant of 1.5 years
- 1 Bedroom
-1 Full Bathroom
- Kitchen
- Den
-separate entrance

Unit / Room IV: Rented @ $675/mo
- Tenant of 25 years
- Renovated in 2019
- 1 Bedroom
-1 Full Bathroom
- Kitchen
- Den
-separate entrance

In Total, Property is Believed to Contain:
-5 Bedrooms
-4 Full Bathrooms
-4 Separate Entrances
-Unfinished Basement

Get this Property for a FRACTION of the Assessed Value of $192,367!

LOT SIZE:50x172
REAL ESTATE TAXES: $4,300.70 (2019-2020)
TITLE. Property is Fee Simple. Sold Free and Clear of All Liens.
INSPECTION TIME: Call Office for Access.
DEPOSIT: The initial deposit amount is listed above. All deposits must be cash or certified funds.

6435 Cedonia Ave. Baltimore, MD 21206 Tax ID # 27-04-27-5656-009
- Adjacent Lot to 6437 Cedonia Ave.
- 8,546 Sqft Lot.
- Nearly a ¼  Acre!
- Buildable Lot

LOT SIZE: 50x171
REAL ESTATE TAXES: $287.92 (2019-2020) Tax ID#27-04-27-5656-009
TITLE Property is Fee Simple. Sold Free and Clear of All Liens.
INSPECTION TIME: Call Office for Access.

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Begins 05/30 @ 10:00 am. Ends 06/01 @ 12:00 am.
Rental Income | $2,550/mo | 4 Units | House & Land

· 10% Buyer's Premium will be added to the high bid.
· Settlement: 30 days from auction sale date.
· Pre-Bid offers accepted via Phone (410-488-3124), Fax (410-488-3125) or Email (Sales@AshlandAuction.com) 
Pre-Bid offers can only be submitted before the start of the online auction.

· Winning Bidder is required to tender deposit within 24 hours.
· Winning Bidder is required to sign and return a contract of sale within 24 hours.
· If either the deposit or contract is not received the bid will be voided and Ashland Auction Group reserves the right to terminate bidders account.
· Ashland Auction Group will not be responsible for any errors in bidding, website failure, or internet disruption
· Each bid made on a property in the last few minutes of an auction will add more time to the auction. This will continue indefinitely until the time expires without new bids being placed. A soft close ensures fairness and allows the highest bidder to win.

The property will be sold in "AS IS" condition, without express or implied warranty as to the nature and description of the improvements as contained herein; and subject to easements, agreements, restrictions or covenants of record affecting same. Dimensions and acreage are more or less.  The purchaser agrees to waive the right of inspection for lead paint, as provided under current Federal and State law. Property is sold subject to any Local, State or Federal Government Housing Code Violation Notices or Vacant House Notices issued by Local, State or Federal Government. The purchaser waives and releases the Trustee, the Auctioneers, and their respective agents, successors and assigns from any and all claims the purchaser and/or its successors and assigns may now have or may have in the future relating to the condition of the property, including but not limited to, the environmental condition thereof. If the Trustee/ Seller is unable to convey good and marketable title, the purchaser's sole remedy in law or equity shall be limited to the refund of the deposit. Upon refund of the deposit, this sale shall be null and void and of no effect, and the purchaser shall have no further claim against the Trustee/ Seller or Auctioneers. All expenses, including real estate taxes, sanitary and/or metropolitan district charges, special assessment and private utility charges are to be adjusted to date of sale and assumed thereafter by the purchaser.

Recordation costs, transfer taxes and all other costs incident to settlement, to be paid by the purchaser. However, if the Property is improved residential real property, and if Buyer is a first time Maryland homebuyer as defined in MD Tax Property Code §13-203(b), as from time to time amended, who will occupy the Property as Buyer's personal residence, then Seller shall pay the state transfer tax of 0.25% to the extent required by law. Purchaser assumes risk of loss from the date of sale forward. 

If payment of the additional deposit, if any or the balance of the purchase price is not made within the specified periods, the deposit will be forfeited and the property may be resold at the risk and expense of the defaulting purchaser. Time shall be of the essence.

NOTE: The information contained herein has been obtained from sources deemed reliable and is believed to be accurate. However, no express or implied warranty is made or may be inferred from any such representation. Dimensions, square footage and acreage contained herein are more or less. Prospective purchasers are encouraged to perform their own due diligence, in advance of the auction.

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