Why Auction with Ashland?

The auction is a time-proven and highly effective method of selling real estate that offers many advantages over the traditional method of selling real property. With widespread marketing and a prearranged auction sale date, the greatest advantage of the real estate auction process is that it puts the seller in control of when and how the property will be sold.

Advantages of Selling Real Estate with “Ashland”:

“Ashland” Method

  • Focus is on subject property
  • Settlement in 30-45 days
  • Buyers act on Seller's schedule
  • Realizes the property's true market value
  • Property sold without contingencies
  • Extensive advertising focuses on your property

Traditional MLS Method

  • Subject property is one of many being advertised or shown
  • Property may remain on the market for months or years
  • Sellers waits for Buyers
  • Upside potential limited by asking price
  • Contingencies are common
  • Minimal advertising; heavy reliance on Multiple Listing Service

Sale Success

A sale by auction achieves the Seller's goal – selling the property – and frees the Seller/Agent from dealing with Buyers who are not serious about purchasing property.

Buyers Are Prepared to Buy

Pre-qualified Buyers come prepared to buy on the Seller's timetable. Buyers must present certified funds in advance to bid at any “Ashland Auction.” Extensive market exposure resulting from our High Intensity Marketing Program can generate a larger pool of potential Buyers at one time.

Settlement in 30 Days or Less

Buyers must settle within the specified time period stated in the Contract of Sale and Auction Terms. Most settlement time frames are between 30 to 45 days. Auctions reduce the Seller's carrying costs.

A properly marketed auction property generates competition between Buyers. Properties should sell at their true market value or possibly exceed what would have been received in a negotiated sale.

No Stressful Negotiation

Auction sales eliminate the often stressful negotiation process between Buyer, Seller and Real Estate Agents. There will not be any “going back and forth” asking for upgrades or concessions. Properties are typically sold without contingencies.