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1527 N Stricker St.
Baltimore, MD 21217
Online Bidding Ends: 
Sep 16th @ 3:00PM

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1614 N Bentalou St.
Baltimore, MD 21216
Online Bidding Ends:
Sep 16th @ 3:10PM

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114 S Monroe St.
Baltimore, MD 21223
Online Bidding Ends:
Sep 16th @ 3:20PM

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Sometimes traditional is best. An auction will occur at the property. Come prepared to participate in a competitively engaging auction.
Participants can register on-site immediately before bidding begins.

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 At a meeting? On vacation? Don't worry. We understand that life doesn't have a pause button. You can bid remotely from anywhere in the world with online auctions.
An auction will occur online only. In order to bid, participants should register for an account with AshlandAuction.com before the auction ends.
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An auction will occur on-site and online simultaneously. With simulcast auctions, you can watch the action unfold through a live-stream in real-time from anywhere in the world.
Participants can either register and participate on-site or online. Bids placed at the property will be noted as a Floor Bid.

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